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Step by step guide to show how to use TopAutoLike website to gain likes on Facebook posts.

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Step 1 Open

Step 2 Click on the Click Here button and you will be redirected to Token page.

Step 3 There are two button Click Here to Allow Permissions! and Click Here to Get Access Token!.

Step 4 First time users must have to Allow our application before getting token. So click on Click Here to Allow Permissions!, in new window you will see HTC application is asking to allow its permission so click on Okay button.

Step 5 Now HTC application will ask you to post on your behalf, again click on Okay button, after that a new popup tab will open, again click Okay.

Note: Only first time you have to allow our application, from next time you can get token without following Step 1.

Step 6 Now you will be able to get token from HTC application. For access token click on Click Here to Get Access Token! button.

Step 7 Now you will see Facebook page with your access token, copy full URL and paste it in home page submit box.

Step 8 After successful login you will see 7 options.

Auto Liker for Status: If you want to increase likes on your Facebook Status, then choose this option.

Auto Liker for Photo: If you want to gain likes on your Facebook Photos, then choose this option.

Auto Liker for Custom ID: If you wan to increase likes on your old post or on your friends posts then choose this option.

Auto Liker for Feed: This will show all your feed including status, images, other pages shared posts etc.

Auto Comments for Status: If you want to increase comments on your Facebook Status, the go with it.

Auto Comments for Photo: If you want to increase comments on your Facebook Photo, the go with it.

Logout: After using this website you can choose this option to logout.

Step 9 For example click on Auto Liker for Status to increase likes on Facebook status.

Step 10 Now here you can see 4 options, choose as per you need.

Step 11 For increasing likes on your post, just click on the Submit button on the right hand side and you will start receiving likes your post.

Step 12 After liking progress check your post and you will see likes are increased.

Important: Before using our website, please change your post privacy to public and allow Facebook followers setting to Everybody before login, so our website will able to give you likes on your post(s). If you still have any problem, don’t hesitate just contact us by filling contact form.

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Top Auto Like is a online Facebook like exchange website that allow users to gain likes on their Facebook posts, as well as it allows users to gain comments on their posts.



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